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Pride of Longbridge 2012

Gerard Hughes April 20, 2012 5 Comments on Pride of Longbridge 2012

We have a problem. It’s called The Illness. You may have seen we mention it quite a lot here at Dep-O. We’re not looking for a cure…

The Illness leaves us unable to walk past any product of the once mighty empire which went under many names – Austin, BMC, BL, Austin Rover, etc, etc. We break out in a sweat. We rattle off facts and figures that non-sufferers will never understand, never mind appreciate. We will try and buy anything with a BL roundel fixed about its person. Quite often we succeed.

Visiting Pride Of Longbridge is not good for us. In terms of addiction therapy, there could be nothing worse. Cofton Park is just adjacent to the Longbridge factory. In fact, it was the scene of many a mass meeting in the days of Red Robbo, back when the British (Leyland) worker was at his most militant. The factory itself is now much reduced, with much of the site cleared and a growing proportion of the land disappearing beneath a creeping tide of new housing. But it’s still a place of pilgrimage for the faithful.

Pride Of Longbridge welcomes all vehicles with a connection with the site and the company (under its many guises) which has occupied it over the years. And when the faithful are called, they descend in great numbers…

Congratulations to everyone involved. We’re already looking forward to Pride Of Longbridge 2013…


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