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Thoroughbred Sunday, Goodwood Breakfast Club

Attempting to avoid monsoon-like conditions at 7 o’clock on a Sunday morning isn’t really my idea of fun, except that is, when it’s the first Sunday of the month. You see, I’m fortunate enough to live just a short morning blat away from the Goodwood Motor Circuit, home of the nearly-monthly Breakfast Club.

Thoroughbred Sunday, Goodwood Breakfast Club

Luckily, by the time I arrived at the circuit the sun was shining. A godsend considering the day’s theme was Thoroughbred Classics, a commemoration of the golden era of Goodwood (a collection of valuable and temperamental classic cars). By 9am the attendance was good and thankfully the Goodwood marshalls were doing a great job of keeping the riff-raff out and only allowing themed cars on the historic circuit to keep things interesting.

1964 ISO Rivolta GT Masters Series Racer at the Goodwood Breakfast Club

Thoroughbreds that caught my eye included a genuine 1962 Le Mans 24 Hour Sunbeam Alpine racer, a 1964 ISO Rivolta GT Masters Series racer, a rather odd looking leather and suede covered Bentley MkVI and a stunning 1971 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super that had spent most of it’s life in the Australian outback! A brace of Bristols, a Lotus Cortina, numerous Ferraris and Masteratis, and a glorious Citroen SM weren’t to be sniffed at either. Enjoy the pictures.

For those that haven’t been before, the Breakfast Club is a free monthly meet held on the first Sunday of every month at the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Every Breakfast Club is themed, with previous events including ‘Supercar Sunday’, ‘Everything But The Car’ and ‘Souped-Up Sunday’. For more details see:

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