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A Guide to the UK’s Best Classic Truck Shows

Haulage has long played a vitally important role in British society and is seen by some today as a key component in helping to develop the economy once more after a prolonged period of austerity. The haulage industry and, more specifically the trucks used by hauliers, are both regularly celebrated in the UK by industry enthusiasts, former and current drivers as well as many more who appreciate the role that haulage has played in our lives, with specific events now organised to celebrate some of the classic trucks used in years gone by.

A Guide to the UK’s Best Classic Truck Shows

There are a number of classic truck shows running on an annual basis across the UK, so detailed below is your brief guide to a few of them and what you can expect on attending:

Retro Truck Show

The Retro Truck Show, held in Warwickshire on the 15th September, is an annual event organised by the Heritage Motor Centre. This show is still in its infancy with 2013 only being the third year the show has been held, however the event has proved incredibly popular with large numbers of visitors arriving to see a variety of trucks manufactured between 1960 and 2000.

This is a great opportunity for enthusiasts to get together to admire and celebrate the very best trucks to have hit the roads, and is open to show trucks, working trucks and trucks currently being restored – so it guarantees to offer a vast variety of vehicles from some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

With a museum onsite, as well as a separate model show and trade stalls, the Retro Truck Show offers an enjoyable day out for truck lovers of all ages.

Classic and Commercial Vintage Show

The Classic and Commercial Vintage Show is a two-day event held in June that celebrates commercial vehicles manufactured up to and including 1988. 2013 was the sixth year the show had been held, with visitors enjoying an extensive variety of classic commercial vehicles in an event that celebrated the 80th anniversary of ERF Trucks.

Alongside the many vehicles that can be viewed, numerous commercial vehicle trade stalls are set up which offer practically everything; from spare parts and tools through to models and artwork of some of the most prestigious trucks made plus much more, the chances are high that you will be unable to resist purchasing a little memento to take home with you.

Arranged in conjunction with one of the truck magazines, the Classic and Commercial Vintage Show is regarded as the biggest classic commercial vehicle show in Europe.

A Guide to the UK’s Best Classic Truck Shows 1

Cornwall Truck Show

This annual event – next held on the 26-27th July 2014 – run for charity with over £10,000 being raised to date in the four years that the show has been held. Open to HGVs of all makes, models and ages, visitors can view vehicles old and new, vintage and custom built, up close and personal.

Drivers are on hand to answer any questions and tell you a little more about each vehicle, before you might even have the opportunity to jump up into the driver’s seat to experience what it’s like behind the wheel of each truck.

Many of the major hauliers attend the Cornwall Truck Show in the hope of winning a Class Award handed out to the very best trucks at the show; with many other displays, trade and manufacturer stands, there is plenty to keep you entertained whether you head down for the day or decide to camp over and enjoy the weekend experience.

Barnard Castle Truck Show

The Barnard Castle Truck Show – held last weekend in August – draws in trucks of all makes and ages, including vintage and classic models. Prizes are awarded to vehicles across many different categories, with visitors celebrating all that is good about the haulage industry.

In addition to the extensive and varied range of vehicles, which includes classics, vintage models, working trucks and customised vehicles, there are many trade stalls and commercial stands from the leading manufacturers in the industry including: Scania, Volvo and Mercedes.

This show regularly draws in thousands of visitors with plenty of fun and enjoyable activities for all the family.

If you are a truck lover and are particularly keen on classic, vintage and retro vehicles, make a note in your diary of these fantastic shows and head off to view some of the great trucks on offer the next time the shows come around.

This post was written by blogger and lover of all things truck related Oliver Kyle who regularly attends these shows and even bought from the selection of used trucks from Malcolm Taylor Commercials so he could embark on a project to customise his own vehicle.

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