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Happy Fifth Birthday Dep-O

Gerard Hughes September 10, 2013 1 Comment on Happy Fifth Birthday Dep-O

Can it really be five years? In some ways it seems longer…

Work started in the aftermath of the 2007 NEC Classic Motor Show, following what would be a temporary closure of Retro Cars magazine – something which some of us had a hand in. Only then, of course, it looked like a more permanent move. There just wasn’t anything out there for people who liked modified old cars, because the classic titles – then as now – stuck to the mantra of Original Equipment rules.

Ideas, designs, people and deadlines came and went until the time came when we had to throw the lever and Dep-O went live on the 10.09.’08. It was perfectly timed for Gordon and his banking mates’ monumental economic cock-up. Oh well, you can’t plan for everything – but you can plan for survival and amid a flurry of professional 2008 motoring e-zine launches, only Dep-O survives with its original line.

Dep-O betrayed the origins of its founders in bringing magazine quality standards to the web. Text would be legible, features laid out as if in print and shock-of-shocks, photographs would be large format – but the site would be a site and not one of those curious online flippy mag things. Lacking a print product to protect, Dep-O was and remains a magazine without the paper which still places quality at the head of its production values. Indeed, then as now, we promised to make Dep-O content free to all – and we like to think that we’ve stuck to our word. Despite blowing too much money on incurably rusty, and invariably BL-badged, projects.

Over the years, Dep-O has undergone three design evolutions and unfortunately, due to the sheer amount of content we’ve thumped out over the years, some features have gone AWOL. So given the huge increase in the site’s readership, we thought we’d dig out the missing material and post it again for all the newbies – whilst providing a big dose of nostalgia for all you long-serving Dep-O-tees out there. Take it as a big thanks from us to you for all your support.

In the meantime, here is a taster of what you can expect over the forthcoming weeks and months.

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