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What Do You Need To Be A Classic Car Enthusiast?

Owning a classic car sets you aside from the average motorist as your vehicle isn’t simply a device to get you from A to B, but more a way of life. If you own a classic car, or you’re thinking of buying one, you’ll need all, or at least some, of the following attributes to see you through.


Practical knowledge

Whilst it’s true that you could buy a classic car and pay someone else to maintain it, most owners are true enthusiasts who like to get their hands dirty. If you don’t have much experience then look on your car as the perfect opportunity to learn – buy a Haynes manual and figure it out for yourself, or ask for advice from the classic car scene (clubs, specialists, etc). There’s nothing more satisfying than driving around in a beautiful car that you’ve fixed yourself.


Breakdown cover

Of course, if you are going to do it yourself, it’s a good idea to have some back up from the experts! Personally we’d go with the AA as they’re knowledgeable about all cars, whatever their age – you can see their breakdown cover deals here.


A safe parking space

You’re proud of your car and you want people to admire it, but preferably only when you’re nearby. Parking your car on the road will invite not only looks but also touches, and you don’t want to end up with greasy marks on your windows or missing bonnet mascots. Parking off road, on a driveway or, preferably, in a garage, will keep your vehicle safe and lower your insurance premiums.


Another vehicle

Whilst it’s a good idea to run your classic car around on a regular basis, to prevent the deterioration associated with leaving a car standing for too long, you probably won’t want to drive it every time you need to pop down the shops. If you have a family then you may not want them to be driving your pride and joy – especially if they’ve only just passed their test! Another vehicle is also a must because there may be times when your classic car is up on the blocks and out of action.


Patience and a sense of humour

If you’re someone who likes instant gratification, then a classic car probably isn’t for you. Maintaining your car, cleaning your car, even sourcing and waiting for parts for your car can take up a lot of time, so be prepared for a slow journey. Delightful as they are, classic cars can also be infuriating, as anyone who’s spent a draughty evening in the garage fishing around for lost bolts in the engine bay will tell you, so remind yourself why you bought your car – because it will be a delightful to drive and beautiful to look at – and keep smiling!

What Do You Need To Be A Classic Car Enthusiast?

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