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Alfaholics Castle Combe Trackday 2013

Simon Charlesworth April 13, 2013 2 Comments on Alfaholics Castle Combe Trackday 2013

“Oh to be in England now that April’s here…” Terry-Thomas may have delivered this line with such caddish delight in School For Scoundrels, but had he attended the 2013 Alfaholics Castle Combe Trackday this weekend, it’s doubtful he would have uttered a word of it.

It was wet. Not the thunder clapping with big manful juicy drops coming down in stair-rods variety of rain, but the snivelling sort of drizzle which sneaks down and doesn’t feel like it’s there until suddenly you notice you’re wet through.

The Alfaholics trackday is now a thoroughly established event in the Alfisti calendar, so such cowardly precipitation wasn’t going to scupper this shindig. A quick word with Max Banks and he reckoned that 50 cars had turned up – which, as someone whose job occasionally entails coaxing/goading/begging Italian car owners and their beloved machines out in the wet, is a job very well done.

There was a broad selection of post-War Alfa Romeos – from a cracking little Giulietta TI to a stunning early Alfetta GTV and post FIAT models – but as you’d expect the 105-series were the dominant species, especially the Bertone GT and GTVs. Yes Alfa has built many a varied configuration of tasty engine, but the Castle Combe air seemed to be permanently ringing to that unmistakable gruff, almost guttural growl of the company’s four-cylinder twin-cam. So not only had owners turned up, but they certainly not shy about venturing out onto the track.

Also of note was a full complement of past Dep-O feature cars: Max’s Giulia GTA-R, Andrew’s Giulia TI Super R and the Alfaholics customer Spider R. Cars which despite their sizeable spec and fastidious presentation were out here in this, being thoroughly spanked over the bumps and bends of this legendary Wiltshire circuit. It was more than enough to bring back my Alfa itch, for which – I believe – there is only one cure.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some pix from the day. Oh and apologies for the terrible trackshots, but in case I didn’t mention it – it was drizzling…

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