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Ecurie Ecosse Transporter at Shelsley

Had to share this for a couple of reasons. First, the Ecurie Ecosse transporter is the coolest truck known to man. Secondly, the Midland Auto Club logo is just brilliant. And they’re all very nice fellows. So go along on June 4th and 5th and see for yourselves…

There’s a video on YouTube of one of the six-piston, three cylinder diesels which we’ve posted before. Well worth seeking out as it’s a contender for top of the weirdness stakes.

Unique Transporter at Jaguar Celebration

From Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb:

Towering over the displays of Jaguar sports and racing cars at Shelsley Walsh, when the Midland Automobile Club celebrate fifty years of the E-type, will be a unique and historic car transporter.

Built to celebrate the 1956/7 double triumph at the Le Mans 24 hour race by a little Scottish race team called Ecurie Ecosse, the truck features a streamlined body inspired by a shark.

Ecurie Ecosse TransporterIt can carry three cars, one on the lower deck behind the crew’s living accommodation, and two more on an upper deck raised by hydraulic ramps.

It is powered by a very strange engine, an opposed piston diesel 2-stroke which has three cylinders and six pistons plus a supercharger.

As you can imagine, it makes a most unusual noise.

The transporter was rescued in a terrible state by Jaguar and Ecurie Ecosse enthusiast Dick Skipworth, and is now restored to perfect and original condition.

To see this amazing vehicle, as well as historic Jaguars thundering up the legendary Worcestershire hillclimb, you have to go to Shelsley Walsh on June 4th and 5th.

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