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K3 Bluebird At Beaulieu Boatjumble

Simon Charlesworth March 8, 2013 No Comments on K3 Bluebird At Beaulieu Boatjumble

As a rule, we don’t do boats on Dep-O, but given the nature of this one we thought we’d make an exception. It’s the surprise appearance of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s K3 Bluebird world water speed record breaker at this year’s Beaulieu Boatjumble on Sunday 28thApril 2013.

K3 Bluebird At Beaulieu Boatjumble

Following his success breaking the land speed record in July 1964 in the Bluebird CN7, currently on display in the National Motor Museum, Sir Malcolm Campbell turned his focus to the world water speed record. He commissioned the K3 Bluebird, a hydroplane powerboat, and on the 1st September 1937, set a new world record of 126.33mph on the waters of Lake Maggiore, Italy. Later, he twice broke his own record in the K3, with his final world record, set on Switzerland’s Lake Hallwill in 1938, at 130.93mph. After this, the craft was retired and since 1989 has been undergoing a long restoration, taken on by the K3 Bluebird Project.

Not only will Boatjumble visitors be able to see the K3 Bluebird, it is also hoped she will be started up during the day, to demonstrate the immense power of her incredible engine.

So make sure you’re there primed with your video camera!

K3 Bluebird At Beaulieu Boatjumble

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