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Spring Cleaning

Gerard Hughes April 10, 2010 No Comments on Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaningSimon’s soul searching over the Golf brought on pangs of guilt. Since we started Dep-O, I’ve been ‘collecting’ cars (and associated stuff). Well, if you’ve got a shed the size of ours, you feel obliged to fill it…

The trouble is I’ve now reached the point where there are far too many to do anything with. The 1800 and the Mini are keepers. The 1800 still stands alone as the only road legal car in the fleet, which is a terrible thing to admit. The Mini has received a ton of bodywork, and only needs a few bits finishing off to be MoT-able. And that really sums it all up. Every time I have a workshop day, I go with good intentions that the Mini will be finished. But I walk in, see something to pointlessly fiddle with on one of the others and the Mini sits untouched. Again.

The NSU was an early purchase, rescued from the jaws of the crusher. It really is the quirkiest thing in the world and would make a really cool Cal-look/rat look ride. Well, it is rear engined, air-cooled and German. The Status matches the NSU’s quirkiness, but has a Marmite effect – people either love it or loathe it.

The Pop is really just the bare bones of a project with some very nice bits and pieces, bought because I’ve wanted a Hot Rod since I can remember but I’ve never had the cash. These days, I’ve neither the cash or the time it needs to turn it into a real car. It hides at the back of the shed and taunts me.

The Allegro is one of those cars that I thought sounded great and, to be honest, it’s probably the most together of the lot. Despite a few Granny dings and some spots of rust, it’s in the best condition of all my motley motors. I’ve fixed the dodgy brakes and the drooping headlining it came with. I’ve cleaned and fed the leather seats. But despite all its Vanden Plas touches, the fact that it’s only covered 28k from new, and the Allegro really has turned the corner and now has a strong following, I just haven’t warmed to it.

So it’s time for a clear out. The only danger is that as soon as one departs, I’ll get the urge to fill the empty space with something else…

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