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Steve McQueen’s Le Mans 911S For Sale

Simon Charlesworth March 18, 2011 No Comments on Steve McQueen’s Le Mans 911S For Sale

Steve McQueen's Le Mans 911S For SaleWhen auction houses trumpet their latest line up of sexy metal, I have to admit that 90% of the time, I just look the other way.

Having the spending power of a church mouse is one reason, not really fancying most of the Pebble Beach-ish species of exotica is another. Yet if I’m being brutally honest, the third and final reason – ignorance is bliss – is a very effective means of preserving the little sanity I still have left. So I’m really cussing myself for looking at a listing for a forthcoming RM Auctions sale on the 21st May.

I’m not a big Porsche fan, but this one really does it for me, because it starred in one of the coolest car films of all time. It is McQueen’s 911S from the film ‘Le Mans’. Cool? Undeniably, anything with the fingerprints of Terry S McQueen on it, has a degree of a tough, gritty urbane blokiness to it, but ‘Le Mans’ is a work of cinematic art, too. Le Mans captures the race at the peak of its retro desirability – the height of the Porsche-Ferrari war. The danger, the allure. It coined the racer’s creed: ‘When you’re racing it’s life. Anything that happens before or after is just waiting’.

So to know that some fat old businessman will buy it, lock it away, boast about ownership and never drive it – because he hasn’t had to drive himself for 20 years – well, it really bugs me. Expect a headline result as fans of Steve lock horns and throw around fistsful of money that are all, well, deeply uncool.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to buy a Lotto Euromillions ticket, because if some fat git is going to end up with that grey 911S, I’d like to think that for just five deluded minutes it could be me.

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