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Armor All Shield For Wheels

Simon Charlesworth May 4, 2012 No Comments on Armor All Shield For Wheels

Armor All Shield For WheelsAfter all the scrimping and saving, sorting out the ride height and then fitting your new set of wheels, you’d think your shiny sense of accomplishment would last for months – but it doesn’t. And we all know why…

Brake dust! That horrible black menace which doesn’t just dull your wheels, but it also has a quick nibble on them too.

Well, if you’re not a fan of wielding a soapy sponge, Armor All claim to have come up with an alternative solution to this knee-numbing, finger-torturing nuisance. In fact, Armor All is so confident in its new product that it is offering a 100% money back guarantee in the event of anyone not being a satisfied customer.

So what’s it all about and how does it work? Essentially, it’s a patented wheel-protection formula which uses the latest polymer technology to create a shield against brake dust, road dirt and grime whilst making it far easier and quicker to clean the wheel.

Shield For Wheels is applied directly to a clean dry wheel, where it forms a non-stick barrier that – Armor All claims – creates, ‘protective coating out-protecting, out-performing and out-shining existing wheel protectants and waxes…’

Adding, that the product is, ‘Designed to ‘lock in’ the wheel’s condition at the time of application, Shield for Wheels is equally effective on new and old finishes alike, with the barrier typically lasting up to four weeks, meaning wheels only need be rinsed clean during that time.’

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