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Review – Formula 1: All the Races

Simon Charlesworth March 11, 2012 No Comments on Review – Formula 1: All the Races

Formula 1: All the Races

Formula 1: All the Races: The World Championship Story Race-by-race: 1950-2011

By Roger Smith

ISBN 978-0857330581

Publisher: Haynes Publishing

RRP: £30.00

Dep-O Price: £19.50


‘This remarkable book, a true labour of love by author Roger Smith, presents a comprehensive history of the 62 Formula 1 world championships held since 1950, its 600 pages densely packed with facts and figures as well as analysis and perspective…’


Roger Smith needs to be congratulated for this book. It is a massively impressive piece of research, which must have taken him eons to complete.

This will appeal to both inquisitive F1 novices and experts, and is positively dripping with race-by-race facts, figures, stats, information and informed comment. If you don’t have an F1 book in your library, well, you’re in luck – buy this and you’ll have a fantastic headstart.

It’s tempting to think that at 600 pages there’s bound to be some fat or waffle somewhere in this tome, but there isn’t.

This is a first-class F1 reference book. Perfectly timed for the 2012 F1 season, so that you can impress friends and family with your newly acquired knowledge – or start revising for Mastermind.

What was the race distance of the 1980 Brazilian Grand Prix? Oh, that’s easy – 197.707 miles. Next question please…

Formula 1: All the Races

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