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Gerard Hughes April 14, 2010 No Comments on Booked

Dennis, I’m in the pub next door, GeoI found this at a flea market. It’s tatty and from 1965 so not even relevant to my 1800 which is a full ten years younger. The reason I had to have it was the message scrawled on the back in biro – ‘Dennis, I’m in the pub next door, Geo.’ You can just imagine the handbook propped up in the windscreen, while Geo is propping up the bar.

Of course, there may have been a completely innocent explanation. Geo may have suffered the curse of Uncle Joe on a wet and rainy night, and was seeking warmth and shelter in the local while Dennis fought through the elements with spares and jump leads. But I prefer to think it’s just a quick note from one mate to another, meeting for a quick pint in a more enlightened time.

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