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It’s All In The Name

Gerard Hughes March 1, 2012 6 Comments on It’s All In The Name

Audi LetterheadUP AT the shed, I popped in to see Noel at Deutscheparts – top bloke and font of all knowledge when it comes to VAG parts, old and new. We got chatting about Simon’s post on FB last night about BMW’s rumoured new interest in the Triumph badge, when he grabbed an invoice from his in-tray and said, “Have a look at this.”

Audi in the UK has become the purveyor of the shiniest repmobiles of them all, nothing more and nothing more. It’s all about thrusting into the future, and any nod to its origins and history have been conveniently glossed over – and had a mirrored panel and a Gaggia machine placed in front of them.

Although it clearly says Audi on the chassis plate on my NSU, I’m about as likely to walk into an Audi dealership in search of parts (do Audi dealerships actually have parts counters…?) as Si is to take to wearing Lycra and do the Jane Fonda workout.

But Noel was proffering an official Audi document with the NSU logo printed in the bottom corner. Audi Tradition is alive and well, although speaking only in German.

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