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Five Tips To Create Your Perfect Garage

In the automotive world, your garage plays an integral and important role – from the commercial to the domestic. Garages come in all shapes and sizes: housing car enthusiasts to teams of professional mechanics. So it’s important that whatever the function of your garage, that it’s capable of meeting your demands.

Five Tips To Create Your Perfect Garage

Whether you provide specialist car services, restoration and repairs, or are simply an enthusiast or hobbyist, your garage will no doubt be a fluster with tools, spare parts, grease and oil. As well as being fully functional, having a garage that is practical and allows effective and efficient work to be carried out should be never be far from your mind.

You can be limited to what you can do with your garage, taking into account time, space and, of course, budget. So what enhancements can you make to your garage, to make it the best it can be? Here are our five tips to help you create the perfect garage:


#1 – Lick Of Paint

This is by far one of the simplest and most effective ways of making your garage more desirable. No one wants to be working in a dull, lifeless space, so smarten up your facilities. Tidy up the place with a good clean and apply a couple of coats of fresh paint to brighten up your garage and create the perfect setting for you and/or your team to work.


#2 – Flooring Solutions

Protecting the floor of your garage is easier said than done. With heavy equipment, spare parts and spills ever-present, many floors can be left looking the worse for wear. Garage floor tiles offer quick, easy-to-install and hardwearing protection specifically designed for garages. Protection from the pressures of parked vehicles, impact resistance and attractive flooring solutions are just some of the benefits of commercial and domestic garage floor tiles. Make sure you find an established and trusted supplier.

Five Tips To Create Your Perfect Garage

#3 – Storage

The last thing you want is your expensive and necessary tools and equipment scattered around your garage. Invest in secure and sturdy storage units that will keep your equipment safely stored as well as creating more valuable working space.


#4 – Invest In The Best 

Whilst some mechanics and technicians prefer the old methods, new technologies and tools are changing the way we maintain and repair our automobiles. If you come across new technologies that will enhance engine diagnostics, speed up your lead time or simply make your work easier, make a smart investment.


#5 – Showcase

Cars are designed to be shown off. Turning heads and making noise is part and parcel of the industry so why hide it? If your garage is used for the storage of your prized possessions, then create attractive and functional areas, utilising interior design and accessories and discover a new way to enhance your garage.

Your garage doesn’t have to be an oil-soaked, run-down warehouse. Utilise what you have at your expense and look to create a garage that reflects you, your ability and, more importantly, your expertise.

This blog was written by Phil Warrington, a classic car enthusiast, who recommends garage floor tiles from R-Tek Manufacturing; providing garage flooring solutions that are stylish, functional and protective.



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