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NOW SOLD: Project 1969 Singer Gazelle with spares

Yes, I have decided to put the Singer Gazelle (Arrow-series) up for sale and I am including the spares that I have collected over the years. Here are the details:

For Sale: Project 1969 Singer Gazelle with spares


Near Ledbury in Herefordshire.


Until I bought this car on 3rd April 2008, the Gazelle appears to have spent all its life in Yorkshire. The then vendor told me that this had only two previous owners – classic ‘little old ladies and the rear seat had never been sat on’ – and the car is currently showing 45,447 miles. Although its history reveals that its speedo was replaced on 13th November 1969 when showing 3465 miles, bringing the possible total to 48,912.

For Sale: Project 1969 Singer Gazelle with spares

^ Sub 50k mileage believed to be original

First registered on 2nd April 1969, the car still has its Rootes Owner’s Instructions which covers its history up to 12th March 1979. Service stamps are from Brotton Hall Garage and G Boocock & Sons Ltd. The only other piece of history with the car, is what is believed to be its last MoT certificate which expired on the 30th July 1996.

The car is currently on a SORN and comes with its blue Registration Certificate.



The car has not been restored, and this is particularly evident inside. The dash is in good condition and has never been modified – so no radio or cigarette lighter. The vinyl trim is all there and just needs to be cleaned of dust.


There was a scab on the offside sill beneath the driver’s door, which I cut out in 2012. I had made a plate with view to getting it through the MoT, but the car does come with two NOS full-length sills which will be included in this sale.

The rear wheelarches are a bit frilly (I have two new wheelarch repair sections in the boot), as are the sill endplates. A previous owner has also repaired the top rear damper mounts in the boot.

The car also ran but there was an issue with the water pump pulley and the electrics. A new waterpump was fitted and in the process of hunting down the electrical fault (the RB340 regulator was fixed during a feature in Classics Monthly) an NOS dynamo, coil and battery were fitted. The original dynamo is in the boot, as is a replacement RB340. The last time it ran on private roads, the ignition light went out as it should!

Before I bought the car, the passenger quarterlight was missing. There is a replacement plus rubber in the car.

For Sale: Project 1969 Singer Gazelle with spares

Interested buyers should inspect the car themselves, as this is only intended to give a rough idea of the car’s condition. This car is not currently roadworthy, is previously owned and is not being sold with any guarantees or warranties.



I’m selling the car due to not being able to keep the storage unit on. I’m based in Bristol and it’s a 2½ hour round trip which is one of the reasons – along with the lack of funds – why the project has ground to a halt.

Please contact me via email at A mate who lives closer to the storage unit has offered to show serious buyers the car, but please give as much notice as possible – and, needless to say, bring a trailer!



The car owes me more than this, but I’m looking for £SOLD for the Gazelle (including the spares mentioned), in the hope that this will be a sold to an enthusiast who can see the retoration potential of this thin-on-the-ground survivor.

And Finally

Here is a daft video we filmed of the car in 2012, which includes some three-year-old footage of the Gazelle:




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