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Event Report: La Vie En Bleu Festival 2017

La Vie En Bleu Festival 2017

Recommendations can go one of two ways: well, or you end up seriously questioning someone’s taste, likings and predilections.

La Vie En Bleu Festival 2017

The Bugatti Owners’ Club weekend festival of Frenchness – La Vie En Bleu – luckily fell in to the former. I say ‘luckily’ because the recommendation came from a chum and having thoroughly enjoyed myself at this event, it means I can answer him with honesty and sincerity. No fudging, dodging or serving up of porky-pies necessary.

This year, 2017, marked the 11th La Vie En Bleu and for the second year running, it incorporated La Vita Rossa for enthusiasts of Italian machinery. Enthusiasts, who in the past, may have felt a little left out by all the Franco specimens on show.

If you haven’t yet been to this amicable intimate bash, I recommend you write it down on your must-visit list of events. There is an honest authenticity to Prescott which is as rare as its lack of ghastly corporate hospitality, good access and real-world priced catering. 

The people are friendly, the cars plentiful and unusual, the venue invites plenty of white-knuckled action and there are just enough trade stands to tweak your interest rather than your feet.

La Vie En Bleu Festival 2017


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