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Make Fuel Go Further In 2014

Car owners often have a great deal to contend with – from fuel costs to car maintenance – there seems no end to the amount of money you have to put out, compared to the return.

That being said, car owners can breathe a sigh a relief thanks to the recent news that the fuel duty rise that was intended for September this year has now been scrapped thanks to money being saved elsewhere within the public sector. Although the news that the 2p rise on every litre of fuel has been scrapped is a wonderful start to Spring, there are other ways to save on fuel costs, and in turn, make your fuel go further in 2014 – despite fuel apparently being at a two and a half year low.

Make Fuel Go Further In 2014

A prime example of helping your fuel go that extra mile, or several, is by watching how often you use your air conditioning. At this time of year, while the weather is still cold, many of us won’t touch the air con, however, when it heats up we all rush to use it without really giving any thought to how much fuel it uses. The general rule of thumb for air con use is to always opt for open windows and air con off, especially when travelling at low speeds; whereas when you’re travelling faster, it’s best to have your windows up and the air con on as open windows will cause more aerodynamic drag. By using your air con sensibly you can improve your fuel efficiency by up to 8%.

Another handy tip for fuel usage is to drive in the correct gear – a lot of the time we can become a bit lax and forget to change gear, or even drive in the wrong gear, which means more pressure and possible maintance is put on our car engines. Money Saving Expert help to clarify this point by giving you a rough estimate for when you’re driving of not exceeding roughly 3000rpm (but every car is different so do keep that in mind).

Partnered with this piece of advice is to remember to accelerate gradually and more smoothly, simply putting your foot down and revving the engine will end up using much more fuel, so take it easier on the pedals.



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