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Make Saying Goodbye That Little Bit Easier

As a car enthusiast, it is bound to be a painful experience when you realise that there is no more you can do for the old thing and it is time to let go. Knowing what to do in this situation can be difficult but there are many options available to you that can make saying goodbye a little easier.


Help Other Cars

The thought of ripping up the car that you have spent hours nurturing over the years is never a nice one. However, by selling the parts for spares, you can make some money so that you can start a fund to replace your beloved wheels. Think of it as helping out other cars which are in need, as these parts could go on to help a huge array of cars throughout the country. Your sadness towards finally selling your car can therefore be replaced with the satisfaction of knowing that many cars are running again thanks to you.


Be Green

There are many companies which will help you to recycle your car which will often offer you a price above the standard scrap value for your motor. These companies are dedicated to making the most of the parts of the car, meaning that a large percentage is not simply left in the ground.

Many parts will be re-used if they are of good quality and can simply be rejuvenated. Re-manufacturing is also a large part of the process, meaning that old parts are repaired and engineered to be in working condition. Any components that are no longer usable will be recycled, if it is possible, so that the material can be reprocessed into a new form. Many other substances such as engine oil will be recovered and can then be used as a valuable energy source.


Keep a Memento

Many of us have spent a number of years admiring our cars and to say goodbye is a sad occasion. So why not keep a memento such as the badge, or a part which you can make into a piece of art. This could be a great talking point and people have often gone as far before as mounting whole cars and bikes onto walls inside their homes. This is not realistic for many of us, but it really can look intriguing.


Donate to Others

One great way to get rid of your dead car is to give it to charity. This not only means that you will have more space but you will feel happy that your car will bring joy to other people. Many organisations will convert the car into a cash donation to the charity. There are a large number of charities which will accept this and you can therefore benefit a whole range of people.

This post was written by Amy Bennett whose husband has recently had to give up his beloved classic car. He decided that the best option was scrapping a car with Metal Monkey, who recycled his car and gave him a great price.

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