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Mini Victories

Gerard Hughes December 12, 2013 2 Comments on Mini Victories

Regular readers will know that we have a few cars tucked away in the mighty shed, and we spend a lot of time ‘cherishing’ them. When I say cherish, I mean carrying out distress repairs when something breaks or when the MoT is due.

But there is one car that has been sitting in the shed since day one, and it has been slowly stripped, parts have been sourced or refurbished and the shell has been subjected to a full repaint. And that’s not a Gez special respray (which usually involves rattle cans bought from the pound shop) but the real deal. This car now has the kind of finish to make even the most picky Rolls-Royce owner weep.


When the paint was finished, the project ground to a halt. Not down to the usual issues of time or money, but because I’ve never had the luxury of having such a beautifully finished shell before, and to be honest, hoisting the freshly beautified engine into the gleaming engine bay made me break out in a cold sweat.

The subframes were lifted up and fitted. A brand new Autosparks wiring loom was laid through the car. But I still couldn’t contemplate dragging out the engine hoist…

IMG_7505Then, at the weekend, I managed to talk an old mate into giving me a hand, and as he works on beautifully finished Minis everyday of the week at Somerford Mini, he has no fear. Gav didn’t even show the slightest concern as the engine was wheeled out, strapped up and dropped in. Not a snag, not a catch.

So now, we’re over the hump and it looks like it’s full speed ahead. Plumbing and wiring can now be completed, and the owner is making excited plans for trim and wheel choices. Just goes to show, I should have spent less time worrying, and more time getting on with it.

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