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Scudo van – the right solution for your business*

When it comes to meeting the fast-moving needs of a business, it can be both time-consuming and difficult to find commercial vehicles that tick all the boxes. Size is obviously an overarching factor, as the amount that can be carried at any one time has a direct bearing on how efficiently a business can operate.

However, this is not the only consideration – having to meet other key requirements, relating to accessibility and usability, mean that often people are required to make a compromise on at least one of these to get a vital means of transport at the right price.

Scudo van – the right solution for your business

However, this needn’t be the case. Scudo offers such flexibility that it is possible for customers to easily tick most, if not all, of their business requirements off the list. What lies behind the success of this van is the fact that is that the Scudo is available in a number of different formats – two wheelbases, two heights and three load cubes – ensuring that the widest range of business needs possible can be met.

And business needs means load range – here, the Scudo does not disappoint as its range of models can carry between 19 7/10 cwt and 23 3/5 cwt (1000-1200kg). Moving onto accessibility, this is equally important as speed of unloading also has a major effect on how efficiently the business is run in logistical terms. The sliding doors on all Scudo models are accredited as one of the best designs in class and are complemented by two swing doors that open out to 180 degrees on certain models – creating further access options for large loads.

Scudo van – the right solution for your business

Ensuring anything carried is secure is also a crucial priority when selecting the right van for any needs, but especially for a business, where it is essential that cargo arrives in good condition. Here, the Scudo doesn’t disappoint as all models have robust floor hooks to keep a given load in place. Complementing this are powerful lights fitted to the rear of the vans so that contents can be seen clearly.

There are many aspects that go towards running a successful business, but it is important not to forget the key role that the right transport can play. If goods transit is a major part of a business’s operations, then it is vitally important to ensure that a van solution is not compromised – otherwise this could quickly slow down the flow of business and, most importantly, the generation of profit.

*This is a sponsored post for the FIAT Scudo*

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