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Why Buy And Drive A Classic Car?

There are a myriad of different advantages to owning and using a classic car – from the practical to the downright pleasurable, it’s never too hard to justify getting the perfect car you’ve always dreamed of.

Castle Combe Autumn Classic 2013

How Much Of A Financial Impact Will It Have?

In terms of running costs, owning an older car can make a lot of sense. A new car typically loses around 20% of its value the moment it leaves the showroom. Classic cars, however, tend to hold their value, with some increasing substantially over the last 10 years. A classic is so named for good reason, and the fact that so many have remained popular for over 50 years is no coincidence. Holding their value in uncertain financial climates make classic cars a very rare commodity, but the main expense you are likely to face will be with its upkeep and maintenance, which is why you should:


Make It Your Project

Knowing your way around your classic car is a sure way to keep your overheads right down. It is likely that if you are at the stage of purchasing a classic car, you will have a great interest in older cars anyway. Most of your local garages won’t have the required knowledge to help with the mechanics of your classic, so being handy with a tool kit and not being afraid to get dirty now and again will help enormously. But that’s all part of the fun of owning a classic car, it’s not just a mode of getting from A to B, it’s part project, part passion and part practicality.


Become A Part Of Something

There are few car movements stronger that those who own classic cars. It isn’t unusual for owners of classics to nod to one-another, in recognition of a shared camaraderie. Most makes and models have owners’ clubs, the larger of which will have frequent local meets.  These events provide the perfect opportunity to classic car enthusiast to convene and discuss anything and everything to do with their cars. Cherished Vehicle Insurance are a regular part of this classical car movement and exhibit at many of these events during the show season. Their comprehensive knowledge and experience in the classic car market make them invaluable when finding the right insurance coverage for your new car.

Sywell Classic - Pistons & Props

Stand Out From The Crowd

What’s the best reason to own a classic car? Because YOU want to. Everyone had their own dream car when they were young, and you’re in a position to make that dream a reality. Owning the perfect classic car is your way to express yourself on the road and feel different from everyone around you. You can learn a lot about a person from the car they drive. What do you want your car to say about you?

Sywell Classic - Pistons & Props


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