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2012 Silverstone Classic Report

Simon Charlesworth July 24, 2012 1 Comment on 2012 Silverstone Classic Report

Tucking into a first class pie ’n’ peas aboard a converted Routemaster bus and watching the racing from the upper deck, I did wonder how and where on earth I was going to begin with all this old school indulgence.

Silverstone Classic: Group C Sauber Mercedes C9 with Martini Lancia LC2

The weather was fantastic, proving that God is a fan of the Silverstone Classic meeting. Sun dancing off all manner and nature of retro motor sport contender. The warm oily aroma of racing, battling with steak and ale pie. The powting fashionisti. The Northamptonshire skies filled with flat-out four-stroke music. The throb of sunburn. The burning ache of tired feet.

Silverstone Classic: Jaguar E-types, dozens of ’em

Regular readers will know that we have already reported on the many and varied attractions of the 2012 Silverstone Classic, but we’re only here for the cars and the racing. So in the quest for a different angle, we’ll let our pictures chat away…

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