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Gloucester Old Ford Club Meet

Gerard Hughes September 6, 2013 No Comments on Gloucester Old Ford Club Meet


I think it’s safe to say, we’ve had a pretty good summer. I can’t remember a year when I’ve seen so many classics – the good, the bad and the ugly – just out on the roads, being used and enjoyed. So as the nights start to draw in and the temperature starts to drop just a little, I’ve been trying to wring every last bit of old car goodness out of the remaining dry and bright days.

The Gloucester Old Ford Club meet every first Thursday of the month at the Harvester in Quedgeley. It’s one of those turn up, park up, talk cars kind of things. Parking the Crab slap bang in the middle of the assembled Blue Oval brigade may not be the done thing, but it was accepted with good grace…

It was a smaller gathering (I’ve been over to previous meets and the car park is fit to bursting) no doubt reflecting the time of year – precious cars are starting to be put away for the winter. But there was still some lovely motors attending, and the banter was good. Check it out if you’re local – the boys are on the book of face if you want to see what’s happening.

And one last thing – if you’ve been to a local meet lately, drop us a line and we’ll post up your pics.


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