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Retro Rides Gathering 2014

Gerard Hughes September 1, 2014 No Comments on Retro Rides Gathering 2014


Another year has rampaged by, and with the last gasp of August, comes the now legendary Retro Rides Gathering. A change of venue from Prescott to Shelsley Walsh to spice things up a bit, and as usual at Dep-O, the conversation turns to what vehicle we should take along. The cars in The Shed fall into two distinct categories – projects. And nice, clean, roadworthy cars owned by our mate, Will.

So the conversation went something like this. Simon. “Retro Rides Gathering 2014 on the weekend.” Me. “Yes. The Landcrab’s still without tyres, balljoints or MoT. The Mini’s without MoT. The MX-5’s fine, but there’s just no challenge in taking that along. I’m going to ask Will if I can take his Elan along, and pray it’s not too hot a day.” Simon. “I’ll take the Alfa. As long as it doesn’t rain…”

So as Simon has developed the full Alfisti twitch if the sky so much as darkens a shade when his Alfetta is outside of its sanctuary, it was the Lime Green Lotus that yumped into the retro parking field on the Sunday morning. Reports of the previous evenings’ fun, games and debuachery were rife, and the delicate appearance of mates’ who had lived through it told their own story.

The Retro Rides Gathering formula is now well established. Tons of top cars – on both the club stands and in the dedicated retro parking area, all day action up the hill, a smattering of guest cars in the paddock and just a sprinkle of trade stands. The atmosphere is laid back. It’s a great way to spend the afternoon.

The change of venue lent the event a slightly different vibe. Where Prescott is compact and squarish, meaning you feel like you’re in the heart of the show wherever you are, Shelsley is more spread out and the geography of the site means you’re either in the show fields, or up on the hill. Better or worse? Not too sure, but certainly different. Access to the site is more of a challenge though, and the twenty plus minute queue along the lane to the entrance, had the Lotus coughing and spluttering with the temp gauge heading towards the top stop. I’m sure the RRG boys will have that sorted if the show returns to Shelsley. (Speed of access, that is, not the tempermental nature of my mate’s car…)

As ever, we’ll let the pics speak for themselves. And we will, no doubt, see you there next year.

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