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Retro Toyota’s at Ace Cafe

Christian Skelton August 13, 2012 11 Comments on Retro Toyota’s at Ace Cafe

THE LAST TIME I visited the Ace must have been four or five years ago. It was a Vauxhall themed night and I was driving a 2-litre XE powered MkI Cavalier. This time the theme couldn’t have been more different – Retro Toyotas – and my ride a MkI AW11 MR2, but the atmosphere was the same as ever.

Retro Toyota at Ace Cafe, August 2012

Like an old school disco, the retro J-tin (yes Dep-O is down with the kids) on display was split into three distinct camps. Closest to the Ace itself were a number of stunningly modified AE86 Corollas, including an immaculate Corolla Levin fitted with a screaming Honda S2000 motor on throttle bodies, several highly tuned 4A-GEs and one home-built 4A-GE turbo.

Honda S2000 powered Toyota Corolla Levin AE86

Parked opposite, next to the old North Circular Road, were a collection of glorious AW11 MkI MR2s (if I do say so myself) including a slammed white-over-black two-tone car, an early B-reg MkIa fitted with a 2-litre turbo from a MkII MR2, a Camry V6 powered car, my MkIa and a brace of ultra-rare fixed-roof MR2 Superchargers, one of which had only 30,000 miles on the clock…

Two-tone AW11 MR2 at the Retro Toyota Gathering 2012

By the exit were a few more MR2s – one of which is a popular Retro Rides car with banded steels – a lovely B-reg MA61 Celica Supra, a BL-esque brown Mitsubishi Colt Sapporo and a very tidy Nissan Sunny Coupe.

MA61 Celica Supra at the Retro Toyota Gathering 2012

All in all, it was a damn good morning out and well worth the 200-mile round trip. The Ace’s famous sausages weren’t too bad either.

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