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Am I being indecisive? I wish I could make up my mind…

Am I being indecisive? I wish I could make up my mind...Car washed. New wipers fitted. Windscreen chip, new exhaust and MoT are up next on the to-do list, when suddenly it strikes. Serious glaring doubts.

I’m doing this because I plan to sell my MkII Golf, a car with which I’ve never had a deep and meaningful relationship. I can then plough the cash into my other old cars. Note the emphasis on the word ‘plan’.

After washing it down and giving it a quick chamois, that is when the second thoughts come flocking down. ‘My, it is solidly built’, think I as the door thunks behind me and I survey the very tidy interior. There’s little if anything electrical to go wrong in here and what there is all works perfectly well. Windows, mirrors and sunshine roof are all gloriously old manual and therefore give no refuge for mechanical gremlins.

Yes the headlining is sagging, but thanks to in-depth Facebook fan advice, this is fixable – and yes, the steel wheels are a bit rusty, but there is a shot-blasting cabinet in the Dep-O, so that and a quick powdercoat would sort that…

See, and that’s my major problem, in two short minutes I’ve gone from washing it and flogging it, to starting another project – I think I must be an incurable fettler.

I’ve planned to sell this car for ages, but given the dark new dawn of Mandy and his scrappage incentive, I just couldn’t risk it being cut up. I know that in order to qualify, people had to own a 10+ year-old car for a certain fixed period of time, but then it was only supposed to be about cars with MoTs – and some dealers had a very interesting interpretation of this dictate. I may not have had a love affair with my retro Golf, but I really couldn’t stand seeing it being traded in for some awful plastic box shod with supermarket trolley wheels, which will only lasted for five years before committing predestined mechanised suicide.

Nope, perhaps I’ll just get its ticket and see how it goes…

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