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Pick-Up Popularity: Just How Much Do We Love Pick-Up Trucks?

Nowadays, the average car buyer finds themselves with an extensive list of vehicles to choose from and one model growing in popularity is the pick-up truck.

It’s a versatile vehicle which performs well on a variety of road surfaces and terrains, and can adapt to both work and leisure pursuits, so there are plenty of reasons to love these fantastic vehicles. But just how far does this love extend?

Pick-Up Popularity: Just How Much Do We Love Pick-Up Trucks?

Lifetime ownership

For evidence of pick-up truck love at its most intense, you only need look at motoring news. According to an article on MSN Money, one gentleman – Floyd Pullin – loved pick-up trucks so much that he bought them religiously for over 80 years – owning 16 in a row.

Always buying from the same manufacturer, Mr Pullin made the headlines when he purchased his 16th pick-up at age 102.

Although Mr Pullinis from the USA, pickup trucks are now increasingly popular in the UK and Europe as well. Whereas they were once a predominantly American craze, the vehicles have managed to infiltrate other markets due to the convenience, comfort and practicality they offer. That means stories like Floyd’s could soon be native to our own country.

Increased sales

Perhaps the most obvious indication of pick-up popularity is increased sales figures and strong customer reception. For those who want evidence of this in the UK, articles from as long ago as five years show that these vehicles are strong contenders in the automotive market.

In a 2008 report by the BBC, the popularity of pick-ups was discussed, with some interesting points raised. Barack Obama’s election campaign, which was conducted partly off the back of a pick-up, was highlighted as an example of how these vehicles are a mainstay of the American culture, while quotes from motoring journalists were held up as evidence of their popularity in the UK.

Pick-Up Popularity: Just How Much Do We Love Pick-Up Trucks?

Key aspects that were cited as reasons for their British fan-base were convenience and practicality and the ideal ‘family run-around’ is now more likely to be a pick-up truck or 4×4 than any other vehicle.

Value for money was also highlighted, with pick-up trucks typically offering more bang for your buck when it comes to comfort, practicality and versatility.

The chassis of the cars are strong and robust, making them perfect for all-terrain driving, but you’ll also find plenty of creature comforts for a relatively low purchase price – and that is perhaps the secret to the pick-up’s success.

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