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2012: A Big Year for MG And SAIC In The UK

Sales of the ‘Chinese MGs’ in the UK look to be on the increase, with the company claiming to be ‘the fastest growing British automotive brand in the UK’.

Qualifying this is a claim that: ‘MG sales grew by a staggering 117% in 2012… with more cars sold in the UK than in 2010 and 2011 combined. It was the best year for MG sales in Britain since 2006’.

Whilst this does sound hopeful, we do have to point out that in 2006 MG was officially in hiatus, following the collapse of MG Rover in 2005 and prior to Nanjing Automobile Group starting production in 2007. The lack of actual sales figures, rather than percentages, also suggests that sales are still far off the levels enjoyed by rival mainstream manufacturers.

Pedantry aside, 2013 should be a better year  following the launch of the MG3 supermini this year, plus the opening of eight new dealerships and diesel versions of the MG6GT/Magnette during 2012. This year the company is also expanding its site with a £1.5m extension plan, in addition to its recently opened £1.4m engine test facility on Lowhill Lane, Longbridge.


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