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205GTI Goes From Strength To Strength

Simon Charlesworth April 19, 2012 4 Comments on 205GTI Goes From Strength To Strength

205GTI Goes From Strength To StrengthPeculiarly named Peugeot specialists, PUG1OFF, has unveiled its vision of a 205GTI for 2012. (Yep, it made us sit up and pay attention, too!)

The 205GTI, one of the great cars from the Eighties heyday of the hot hatch, was built between 1984 and 1993 – during one of Peugeot’s all-too-infrequent bouts of building exciting drivers’ cars.

However, time has not been so kind to the 205GTI’s power figures, even the fabled 1905cc XU9 unit’s 130bhp, tends to look a bit limp now. And that’s before you factor in years of hard toil, which will have finished off several of those 130 horses.

Enter Brackley-based ‘PUG1OFF’ – please stop tittering at the back – and their range of performance upgrades.

The company describes improving the 205GTI as a challenge to: “achieve a wholesale performance upgrade without undermining the cohesive, involving nature of the 205 GTI’s driving experience. Answering this challenge requires comprehensive expertise on the 205 GTI and the Peugeot range in general… enabling it to potentially punch above its weight and beyond its years.”

Starting with the engine, the XU9 is replaced with the unit from the last of the knee-trembling Peugeots – the Nineties 306GTI-6 and 306 Rally. Once the 205’s slam panel has been adjusted the 1998cc 16-valve twin-cam XU10J4RS) is bolted onto the 205’s BE3 transmission and it just slides in. Priced £2,220, this engine swap ups the 205’s power to 167bhp and gives a power-to-weight ratio of 186bhp per ton. Well, for a starters…

A Stage 2 ‘195’ Power Upgrade is also available, with high-lift/ long-duration camshafts, a tubular exhaust manifold, modified inlet housing and an ECU remap with a rev-limit of 7800rpm. Priced at £1,595 (with conversion) or £1,940 (if supplied and fitted separately), other cost options include a 2.5 inch stainless exhaust system, GpN engine mounts, and a lightweight billet steel flywheel. Oh and should you so desire, the BE3/6 six-peed gearbox from the GTI-6/Rallye with a Quaife LSD, 4.8:1, Rose-jointed gear linkage and quickshift is also available.

205GTI Goes From Strength To Strength

Needless to say, 2012 tuning go needs to be reigned in a little more effectively than the 205’s retro brakes can manage, so there is a front brake upgrade and a rear disc conversion available, too.

And if you’ve done the brakes, then you’ll need to optimise the suspension… And if you’ve gone to all that expense, well, you may as well get your 205GTI looking as good as it goes. Luckily then, Pug1off, also offers paintwork and restoration services.

Don’t already own one of these increasingly rare Pugs? Give Pug1off a call and they can even source you a suitable starting point, so now you don’t have any excuses.

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