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A TVR In All But Name…

Simon Charlesworth April 16, 2010 1 Comment on A TVR In All But Name…

A TVR In All But Name...The closure of TVR’s Blackpool factory was all a bit confusing and very sudden. A young Russian bloke bought the company one minute, and the next TVR was no more. It was almost like it had been disappeared for being too subversive.

It wasn’t like the rest of Britain’s ill vehicle manufacturing plants which succumbed to a hostile financial climate mixed in with all sorts of other reasons. Factories and companies such as MG Rover, Jaguar Browns Lane, LDV, Peugeot Ryton, most of Ford Dagenham and Vauxhall Luton, to smaller concerns like Jensen, AC and even Vickers Tanks (making it impossible to buy a tank in the country of its invention) all closed with at least a minor murmur of press coverage.

Ever since the Trevor, the Blackpool rocker, has vanished, there have been rumours about the marque’s resurrection, with the latest speculation including an American V8 housed in a new £70,000 German-built car. It hardly sounds like a Trevor does it? More like a Jürgen or a Wolfgang with a touch of a Buddy or a Chuck. Unfortunately, moving specialist British marques abroad and away from their home market, seldom works out…

TVR fans though, could have their desire for a car answered, just as long as they don’t mind the badge being slightly different. Launched recently at Race Retro, CWR, has unveiled a racing-spec retro repro of one of TVR’s classic coupé models (a lineage which started with the 1958 Grantura).

Indeed, such was the new racers reception, that CWR has unveiled a speculative road-spec version called the Titan. Developed with input from former TVR competition manager, Chris Schirle, the Titan features a 480bhp Chevy V8, a five-speed manual gearbox and an LSD – all weighing in at just 980kg with a probable price tag of £42,500 plus VAT.

Now that looks, weighs and sounds much more like it. Simples.

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