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Another Year, Another Landcrab

Simon Charlesworth January 11, 2013 No Comments on Another Year, Another Landcrab

One of our New Year resolutions was to finally catch-up with Mad Mark at Southern Triumph Services and the Project Landcrab. It’s just been one of those things when life gets in the way – with Mark, he was busy doing his house up, with us, erm… I can’t remember what we were up too. I’m sure it must have been vitally important though.

(Shamefully, we can’t remember the last time we went down to Dorset, all we can remember was that it was snowing.)

Works Rally Replica MkIII Morris 1800 Landcrab

One of the projects big stalling moments struck when it came the time to pick a colour. Given Mark’s addiction to classic rally replicas, a coat of Tartan Red with Old English White and matt black bonnet, scuttle and wing tops would have scratched that particular itch.

However, the Limeflower interior was just too good and if MM had decided to ‘Comps’ it then it would have needed a black interior to look authentic. Factor in our persistent chanting/nagging – “Go on, go on, go on, go on… Do it Limeflower. It’ll really stand out. When was the last time you saw a fresh coat?” – And you can perhaps understand his indecision. Given our drooling admiration for period colours and, in particular BL’s colour chart, we really think the finished painted product should be fantastic.

Works Rally Replica MkIII Morris 1800 Landcrab

During the renovation of chez Swinglers not a lot happened with the 140bhp Landcrab, but to make up for the inactivity, a tsunami-like effort swept the project along and suddenly it was all done. Hence our earnest resolve to head down to Dorset to put a full-stop to the story of the Limeflower Landcrab.

Especially when, as you can see, MM has already began working on another one… Mark is a classic rally addict and it soon became obvious that ‘our’ Landcrab was just too good to throw down a lane covered in mud and gravel. Anyway, in order to make really, really sure that we do point our arses Dorset-bound, MM’s better half, Rachel has sent us a couple of pix of the latest Landcrab – a MkIII Morris 1800 Works replica – complete with just some of the Swingler fleet (Vitesse, TR4, etc) in the background. As you can see, this 1800, is an incredibly late ’Crab on a P-plate and Gez thought his Austin N-plater was late…

Yep, you can consider us there!

Works Rally Replica MkIII Morris 1800 Landcrab

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