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BMW Unveils New ‘Concept’ 4 Series Coupé

Officially dubbed the ‘BMW Concept 4 Series Coupé’, we reckon it’s safe to assume that we can to ditch the ‘Concept’ bit as being surplus to requirement – and instead just refer to this as the new 4 Series.

Effectively a mid-range replacement for the E90 coupé, the 4 Series looks set to follow in the footsteps of BMW’s new ‘in-fill’ model ranges (such as the 6 Series), encouraging us to speculate whether a variant – as per Gran Coupé – with more doors is in the pipeline…

In essence, what you’re looking at is a slightly longer (its wheelbase is just under 2 inches longer), slightly wider (by just under 1¾ inches), slightly lower (by just over ½ inch) more attractive cum sporty 3 Series with, we suspect, a heavier price tag.

Although these pictures do show that the 4 Series, unfortunately, retains the F30’s awkward, bulbous bonnet line in an otherwise attractive if somewhat unsurprising shape.

What’s it like to drive? We’ll let you know if we’re allowed anywhere near one!

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