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From the Pen of His Royal Madness…

Simon Charlesworth September 4, 2012 No Comments on From the Pen of His Royal Madness…

We often get asked about long-term Dep-O chumrade, Mad Mark (real name the Tinmeister). Namely, is this barking guv’nor of Southern Triumph Services real? Or have we added a bit of journalistic licence to er, ‘sex-up’ his nuttiness?

Well no, he’s as real as Dorset and just to prove it, here is his latest e-missive which recently landed in the Dep-O mailbox. We haven’t touched a single word of it… Enjoy/ be scared – tick applicable!

The Three Legged Cross Royal Barge

Hi Chuck,

Just thought I’d let you know of the recent purchase from the shallow pockets of the revolting peasants from the people’s free republic of Three Legged Cross, enabling our illustrious leader to travel in style and comfort throughout the land.

All the people of the land weren’t aware of the untold expense he had lavished upon himself … TWO port-a-potties, I ask you, what a nerve!!! Displaying obvious over expenditure in the face of poverty.

At least we can proudly hold our heads high, now that he has entered the technological age by buying a ‘tractor’, I think that’s what it’s called, instead of our only yak specially imported from as far a field as ‘Verwood’, I’ve never been there myself, although it sounds nice.

The yak got eaten.

See Yuz!


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