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New Galvanised Mini Van Fuel Tanks

Simon Charlesworth April 18, 2012 No Comments on New Galvanised Mini Van Fuel Tanks

British Motor Heritage (BMH) has launched a replacement galvanised fuel tank for the Mini van, which was built between 1960 and 1982.

New Galvanised Mini Van Fuel Tanks

The new tanks are made to the original specification on the original press tools, jigs and roller welder. It is the recent major refurbishment of the roller welder – the machine that creates the all-important seal for the main body of the tank – that has allowed BMH to make the move from un-plated steel to the infinitely more corrosion-resistant galvanised stock for these replacement items.

A lack of corrosion resistance is the Achilles heel of most classic vehicle fuel tanks. The use of galvanised steel eliminates such problems entirely and is therefore a major product improvement.

The tanks (Part No.21A691) carry a suggested retail price of £195 each (inc VAT) and are available now through BMH’s dealer network.

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