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Great Western Italian Day

Simon Charlesworth August 2, 2012 1 Comment on Great Western Italian Day

Race Retro 2011

Organisers of the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival (BIAMF) – the Italian AutoMoto Club – will be holding its annual autumn meeting in *Bristol’s docks on the 30th September from 10am to 3pm outside Bristol’s M Shed ‘museum’ on the quay.

More details about the meeting are available here:

Four wheeled and two wheeled Italian machinery will be welcome, and if you can’t make it in anything Italiano then apparently there is public parking behind the ‘museum’. Given the dockside location in the heart of the city, there are plenty of other attractions available for all the family.


Charlesworth adds: ‘Although you won’t be able to visit the Industrial Museum, because Bristol City Council decided to tear down this splendid educational facility and replace it with the lightweight half-arsed M Shed – in the process missing their own deadline by two years and overspending by £8million.

‘Essentially, it’s a childish institution which is to museums what the low-fat takeaway veggie burger is to a three-star Michelin restaurant. It features next to bugger all about Bristol’s engineering heritage. Indeed, when I visited, the exhibits have all the flow and order of a place which has just been burgled. The officious staff knew little about the exhibits and were more interested in closing early.

‘So now, if you want to see anything of real pertinance regarding Bristol’s aeronautical heritage, you have to make an appointment to visit the Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust at Filton.

‘See for more details on how to visit the rehoused collection.’

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