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Simon Charlesworth June 20, 2012 1 Comment on Spencer Haze Book

Yes, he’s back and about bloody time too… If you’re familiar with the cult of Spencer Haze or are just an apostle of the Seventies, well, you’re in for some good news because the original automotive superhero is back in *comic form.

Spencer Haze poster

So if you still miss the decade of the mutton chop and hot pants, when young ladies only sipped Babycham, and sexism was the name of a seedy show in Amsterdam’s red-light district starring a rubber chicken, Spencer Haze will give you a dose of the good stuff.

First aired in 2000 on Channel 4’s long-defunct motoring site, 4car, Spencer Haze is a private eye on the verge of busting a major international conspiracy, when he’s taken out by a salty villain. He then leaves him for dead in a chest freezer in a docklands lock-up and Haze is trapped there until 2000. Our beflared perfectly coiffed hero then awakes from his long cold sleep, and he’s filled with a need to find out who put him there.

As the Haze website says, ‘Coping with the 21st Century is not going to be easy unless you are prepared to dress, drive, party, punch first and ask questions later like it’s 1973. Welcome to the Noughties Mr Haze, we’ve been expecting you…’

Log onto the Spencer Haze website at where you can buy all manner of Haze-related goodies from the book at to T-shirts and a seriously desirable LED watch which is essential wrist-wear for any groovy Seventies cat.

Written and illustrated by friend-of-Dep-O and motor journalist, James Ruppert, we have to admit that this has really hit the spot. In fact, we’re going to go outside now and practice handbrake turns in the Landcrab…

(*Please note, retro period accuracy forbids us from referring to this as a ‘graphic novel’.)

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