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Maximum Mini – The Essential Book of Cars based on the Original Mini

  • Maximum Mini - The Essential Book of Cars Based on the Original MiniBy Jeroen Booij
  • ISBN: 978-1-84584-154-6
  • Publisher: Veloce Publishing
  • Price: £24.99 from all good bookshops (plus P&P when ordered direct)


‘This book focuses solely on the cars derived from the classic Mini. Small GTs, sports cars, roadsters and fun cars: Mini derivatives that changed the specialist motoring market completely in the early Sixties, and new designs that kept it busy for nearly four decades. From the well known Mini Marcos and Unipower GT that raced at Le Mans, to the very obscure but as exciting Coldwell GT or Scaron Scarab, almost 60 cars are thoroughly researched, described and photographed in this book.’

‘Jeroen Booij prefers describing the weird and wonderful of the automotive industry, specialising in classic, specialist, or simply unusual cars, which has often led to full features on vehicles that are hardly taken seriously by the regular press. With a passion for Minis, it was a logical step to write a book about all of the cars that derived from it, which Jeroen spent nearly five years researching.’

Maximum Mini - The Essential Book of Cars Based on the Original Mini


If you’ve got any interest in Minis, you’re going to find this book very hard to resist. The way the Mini was built – with most of the key mechanicals hanging off two sub frames – lent itself to the dreams of the kit car designer, and the vast majority are listed here.

Some are ingenious, some are quirky, some fell out of the ugly tree and clipped every branch on the way down. But they’re all interesting. Don’t think this was a peculiarly British pastime either. There are cars from around the world, with the Australians and New Zealanders putting in a particularly strong showing. A lot of these kit cars were a product of their time, and many have been forgotten which is a shame when you see examples as gorgeous as the Unipower GT and the De Joux Mini GT. It even includes the Status 365, the Dep-O favourite.

Each car is given a spread in the book, with good bright photography and a write up with enough info to give a good idea of where the car came from and what it was all about. It’s an enjoyable read, and will provide vital pub ammo for the Mini enthusiast and those with a wider interest alike.

Books of this type appear rarely, so top marks to Veloce for showing some imagination. Grab a copy while you can.

Dep-O Rating: 5/6

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