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The British Car Industry Our Part In Its Downfall

The British Car Industry Our Part In Its Downfall

  • By James Ruppert
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9559529-0-6
  • Publisher: Foresight Publications
  • Price: £12.99 plus £2.00 postage


‘’The British Car Industry Our Part In Its Downfall’ explains why you can’t buy a British built hatchback anymore. James Ruppert was really worried because in 1974 his Dad did a very strange thing and came home in an Audi 100 LS. James wondered whether the rot set in from that point.’

‘Free of car jargon, too many stats and opinions of industry experts. This is how the fortunes of the British car building directly affected one family, so there is social history, power cuts, flared trousers and failed driving tests plus laughter, tears and runny noses.’


We’re big fans of Ruppert’s writing, add in a reference to the British Car industry and we’re hooked. The book doesn’t disappoint. It doesn’t bog down with too many statistics or boring analysis of where the industry went wrong, but rather concentrates on the view from the man in the street – basically James and his Dad, and the cars that came and went in the Ruppert household.

Dealing with what is basically a tragedy, it’s a great read. And if anybody had forgotten just how dreadful British built cars could be, how loyal British buyers were in the face of shoddily built and fatally flawed products, and how easily the UK market was hoovered up by overseas makers, here’s your chance to live through it, through the experiences of Ruppert senior.

Definitely a book to get you through the dark evenings of the New Year. Highly recommended.

Dep-O Rating: 5/6

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