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The Eagle Annual Of The Cutaways

Simon Charlesworth November 4, 2008 No Comments on The Eagle Annual Of The Cutaways

The Eagle Annual Of The Cutaways

  • Edited By Daniel Tatarsky
  • ISBN 978-1-4091-0014-0
  • Publisher: Orion Books
  • Price: £14.99


‘They inspired a generation of architects, engineers, scientists and artists, and now the famous Eagle Cutaways drawings are brought back to glorious Technicolor life in ‘The Eagle Annual Of The Cutaways’…

‘A staple of the famous Eagle Annual during the Fifties and Sixties, the cutaways were cross-section illustrations depicting various man-made marvels of engineering in all their inner-working glory…’


Covering both fact and fantasy, the hand-drawn illustrations in this smashing book have the power to transport you back to a more genuine time – when technology was interesting and the future was something to look forward to.

The beautifully executed illustrations are full of detail and warmth, with subjects ranging from a vast spectrum of topics: how to service a VC10 aeroplane, record-breaking cars and motorcycles, what a space ship might look like, a gas-turbine coach and how a swing-bridge works plus so much more. If you remember these illustrations from the first time around, you’ll be helplessly whisked away on a first-class ticket to yesteryear. Understandably, we can’t put this book down.

We recommend this essential retro reading matter be given to all young chaps with inquisitive minds, to stop them from straying and developing wretched notions of turning into bankers or contestants on reality TV shows. Unmissable.

Dep-O Rating: 6/6

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