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Painting By Numbers

Gerard Hughes February 27, 2012 14 Comments on Painting By Numbers

FOLLOWING THE Facebook conversation on Thursday night, the grey matter has been churning. Thanks to you all for your ‘helpful’ comments on both my painting skills and suggestions for a new look for the Crab.

Now you may have guessed from the picture I posted of my retouching job after a door bottom repair that this is not going to be a concours finish. I consider it a job well done if the paint sticks to the car and it’s a reasonably even colour across the panel. When I see pro painters at work, I stand, slack jawed at the mirror finishes they achieve straight from the gun, which they usually dismiss with a casual “it’ll look OK when it’s been nibbed and polished…”

I just want to smarten the old thing up a bit. Talk of duo tone and tri tone paint jobs got me thinking. On the offside, the worst areas are the door bottoms and the sills. On the nearside, it’s the waist line. So, with a bit of Photoshop jiggery, I came up with the above. What do you reckon?

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