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Project Landcrab: We Can Rebuild You

Simon Charlesworth February 28, 2012 4 Comments on Project Landcrab: We Can Rebuild You

GETTING MAD Mark to paint the Austin 1800 its rightful Limeflower, was a bit like blowing up a rubber johnny. There was a lot of huffing and puffing, with no initial sign of progress, but now all of a sudden, it seems that we’re at that stage where the Landcrab is about to burst onto the road.

Project Landcrab: We Can Rebuild You

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In fact, we’ve been sitting on these pix a while because we thought Mr Swingler would either get distracted remodelling his house or he’d end up buying another project car. Well, he has bought something else – more of which anon – but somehow Dorset’s Speedy Gonzales hasn’t let this interrupt his phenomenal rebuild pace. Earlier today, I spoke to His Royal Madness and, well, the Crab is already running and honing in on its MoT.

Clearly, we need to get the Dep-O-mobile fired up and heading in a Dorsetly direction.

As you can see, the Landcrab is now sporting an Old English White roof – harking back to the Works cars and the 1800’s little go-faster brother. Look closer still and everything has either been powder-coated or painted in full gloss – the whole ruddy works. Okay, Mark may have got a bit carried away with his attention to detail – but the mission remains the same… This Landcrab will be used regularly.

Look closely and you’ll see that everything ahead of the A-pillars which gets in the way of quickly removing the drivetrain has been converted from welded-on panels to bolt-on. As demonstrated by the shot complete with one wing and a strange goon in the background (you can probably guess who that is).

So the Hydrolastic suspension has been stripped down, blasted, painted and re-assembled. The steering and brake assemblies are back on board and fully functioning. Most impressive though, is the fact that the snorting 140bhp B-series (more details are here) and gearbox are now back in-situ and shortly after these pix were taken, the Crab was fired up. Which startled a nearby Labrador…

All being well, by the time we make it down to Dorset, the Crab will be complete – but then Mark has recently acquired another project. In addition to something a bit different – sorry, we’ll just have to tease for now – he has bought another Landcrab to fulfil his Works rally replica urges.

You never know, you might soon be greeted by a double Dep-O Landcrab feature if he keeps this pace up.

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